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Hotel 81 Singapore and Its Outstanding Affordability

Hotel 81 Singapore is known for its friendly budget. Everyone can afford to stay there. But, it still maintains its excellent quality to provide the best facilities, particularly for Staycation Singapore. It is not only affordable but accessible.

How Hotel 81 Singapore Charms Every One

As a chain of value hotels, Hotel 81 understands how to preserve its quality service for all travelers. Whatever their principal purposes, whether for business or family trips, the hotel is ready to cater. There are lots of things to enjoy here. The location is strategic, in bustling Little India. So nobody will have any shortage of restaurants and entertainment sites.

As the hotel emphasizes the best quality for Staycation Singapore, it concerns guests’ affordability. Many Singaporeans prefer to stay here during the weekdays to work remotely. When they finish working in the afternoon, they can relax in their rooms while enjoying facilities that they may not have at homes or apartments.

Best Location

As was mentioned previously, this hotel is in Little India. It means there are lots of nearby places that attract anyone to visit. One of them is the Abdul Gafoor Mosque. This sacred religious site is only 90 meters away so people who want to pray can easily access it on foot.

For business people, they can just go directly to the Jalan Besar MRT Station if they want to reach some business sites elsewhere in the city. This transportation hub is only 142 meters.

However, the proximity to the transportation hub is the best news for families during their staycation. They can reach other places easily. For example, Universal Studio Singapore, Marina Bay Sands, and any department store that they want.

Taste All the Best Culinary Restaurants

For a great culinary experience, Taste Good is the closest restaurant that is only 224 meters away from Hotel 81 Singapore. It serves Bugis cuisines that really can bring you to another world. The prices of all cuisines here are affordable, so you wouldn’t worry about running out of money during your staycation.

There are still lots of restaurants and small dining places around the hotel. Little India also hosts so many attractive places that sell handicrafts and any classification of artwork.

No wonder expatriates from India would love to spend several days here during their business trips. Here, they can choose the best restaurants that serve their favorite dishes. Besides, they still can enjoy some cultural events that make them feel at home.

Safety and Security are Perfect

As Hotel 81 Singapore is located in a bustling area, it is safe and secure. There are 24/7 activities around the neighborhood. That is why this hotel is always fully booked. Besides, the security within the hotel is also very good. Everyone can stay safe whenever they are within their rooms or leaving their goods when they want to go out.

So, include Hotel 81 Singapore on your vacation list. That is especially when you plan to have a memorable staycation for your productivity.