Global Sevilla International School Jakarta, A School with Day To Day Values In Its Teaching

Global Sevilla might be one of the many schools with international standards in Jakarta. But if you look for something new and thorough education, Global Sevilla will stand out among others. As part of its international school Jakarta mission, Global Sevilla teaches day-to-day values. It is not only about academics, but also heart and mind. What kind of values are they?

The Schools’ Values To Teach For Learners

  1. Compassion For A Kind And Genuine Heart

Among many values that help children and students develop their positive mindset is compassion. Global Sevilla teaches compassion through its varying method of showing empathy and wiliness to lend a hand to others. The point is to develop the sense of being genuine and kind, which is better to develop at an early age.

The school also teaches the students to underline that compassion is a noble act, something that has no boundaries whatever or whatsoever it is. It helps them understand and accept diversity in the community, starting from the school’s students or people. The idea is in line with the varying background of students in the school, which teach them that every human is worthy and important.

  1. Giving For A Generous And Helpful Mind

The international school Jakarta also purposely teaches the value of giving. It is a mindset that helps the students to always put their minds on being helpful and generous. The key is to develop the feeling of creating positive impact and differences in the community is not a difficult task. Rather it is a simple noble act, no matter how big or small it is, that will bring happiness to everyone.

  1. Self-Control For The Best Behavior

It is not only about the academic result, the school understands that students are also human with their minds, personality, and ideas. It makes them powerful individuals in the community and school. At the same time, it does not stop them to be different. It makes the chance of misbehavior and feeling unique appear.

To ensure the students do not lose their minds in studying, the school teaches them self-control. The purpose is to develop skills to regulate their thought, emotion, mood, behavior, and feeling. The international school Jakarta emphasizes the way to deal with temptation and impulses, learning resilience and perseverance to prevent lashing out during the study.

Being an international standard school does not make Global Sevilla forget about the importance of personality and character. That is why the school teaches students about day-to-day values. These values help them prepare for the harsh competition in the world and help them to be a positive person and a good individual. Don’t miss it, and check out Global Sevilla now.