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5 Normal Postpartum Care Tips Recommended by Doctors

Marshalova, who gave birth normally, must take care of herself more carefully. During this time, the body transitions both internal organs, hormone levels, and also external appearance. If not treated well, many problems will arise during these times. All you need is proper normal postpartum care!

Here It Is, Normal Postpartum Care

To help deal with it, doctors often give instructions on normal postpartum care. Well, this time Marsha Beauty wants to give tips that are always recommended by medical experts for postpartum mothers. Check this out! 

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  1. Consultation for Internal Organ Observation

normal postpartum care

After giving birth with a normal process, take at least 2 to 3 days to stay in the hospital. This aims to facilitate the examination of internal organs after normal childbirth. If during that time there is a problem of inflammation, infection, or other disorders, medical personnel can act immediately.

After the discharge period of 2 to 3 days, the mother must also still return to the doctor to do a routine check -up at least a week after giving birth for the first month of each week. The doctor will analyze the mother’s condition and can provide more effective instructions.

Mothers who regularly check up can also consult about breastfeeding, baby health, and also about postpartum body care. Doctors will always help and make it easier for mothers to go through the transition back to normal.

  1. Increase Healthy Food Consumption

normal postpartum care

The next normal postpartum care tips are related to nutritional intake. If you want to have a healthy body, a good nutritional intake is also important. The body of a mother who has just given birth needs high nutrition.

Usually, protein, vitamins, minerals, and clear fats are some of the important nutrients that must be consumed. To get all of this, dishes from vegetables, fruits, nuts, and fish should be on the daily meal menu. In meeting these nutritional needs, the mother not only helps her body recover but also increases breast milk production for the baby.

  1. Skin Care and Body Shape

normal postpartum care

Mothers certainly want to maintain their appearance after giving birth. The doctor’s advice for normal postpartum care in this regard is to exercise lightly and do skin care. Light exercise will help increase the body’s metabolism. Many postpartum mothers who routinely exercise lightly such as morning walks. Such a small exercise can keep the body in shape after a routine of doing it for several weeks.

For skin care, the use of night creams and scrubs is highly recommended. Areas of skin affected by stretch marks due to pregnancy are the main target of this treatment. Perform treatments using night cream immediately on a regular basis. Guaranteed stretch marks will disappear permanently!

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  1. Avoid Heavy Physical Activity

normal postpartum care

The next normal postpartum care is adequate rest and maintaining physical condition. Postpartum mothers are advised not to do strenuous physical activity. Avoid things like spending too much on the market or lifting weights.

While exercise is required for postpartum mothers, organized exercise is a light exercise. So, be sure to be careful about the sports activities that will be done. If forced, it can cause bleeding or inflammation in areas of the body that are recovering.

  1. Make Sure to Get Family Support

normal postpartum care

To ensure that the mother’s burden is not too heavy during the recovery process, make sure family members give support to the mother. Normal postpartum maternal care will not run smoothly without the role of the husband or other family relatives.

Husbands should be able to help care for the newborn so that the mother does not have to deal with it too much. Sometimes the mother has to stay awake just to take care of the baby. This is certainly not good for the mother’s physical or mental health. 

Well, here are some tips that doctors recommend for postpartum mothers in a normal way. Hope that helps!